Mar 3, 2010

Field Trip with Rylee

Today I went on a field trip with Rylee. It was for all the 5th graders at Ashton Ranch. We went to JA Biztown in Tempe, AZ. It was so much fun! It is a simulated town - complete with restaurants, Wells Fargo bank, UPS store, gym, US Airways, newspaper and radio station and, of course a mall - which is where I was assigned to work! :) The kids were given pay checks and bills to pay. The kids have been preparing for this field trip for weeks. They learned how to fill out checks and deposit slips and how to balance their checkbooks. They were able to interview for the jobs that they wanted. Rylee got the job of Hostess at Papa John's Pizza. She loved it and did a wonderful job. All the kids took their jobs very seriously and it was so fun to see them in this light!

Since I had to be on the other end of town so early, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the temple for the 5:30am session. It sounded like a good idea the night before, but when my alarm went off at 4am, I wasn't so sure! I did get up and made it to the temple just in time. It was a wonderful experience. Why don't I do this every week??

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Cicily said...

I love that program, we did that when I was teaching school and I thought it was so great. Did Rylee want to be a hostess, or did she apply at other jobs as well? I was always intrigued by what jobs kids wanted to apply for.

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